Supporting our soldiers through social, educational, cultural and recreational programs.
ASI Projects and Programs

ASI-Canada is the only non-profit organization in Canada authorized by the IDF to support Israel's soldiers on active duty.
We are the Canadian partner of YAHAD - United for Israel's Soldiers.

By initiating and supporting social, educational, cultural and recreational programs and facilities, ASI-Canada strives to boost the morale of the brave young men and women of the Israel Defense Forces, who risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure the safely and security of the State of Israel, as the only democracy in the Middle East.

ASI-Canada contributes to the well-being of Israel's soldiers, reinforcing the message of love, support and appreciation that we have for these heroes who stand on the frontlines of terror, keeping not only the Jewish homeland safe, but indeed defending cherished freedoms and democratic values around the world.

ASI-Canada projects include:

Spirit Program

Each week a battalion of combat soldiers and combat support soldiers is treated to a vacation full of rest, fun and comraderie at the Ashkelon Rest & Recreation Village.

Dignity Program

Once during their service, lone soldiers whose familes live abroad are provided with a free flight home to visit loved ones.

ASI Capital Projects

These shaded areas give soldiers a quiet, open-air setting where they can unwind between training manoeuvres, or meet with visiting family.


During times of conflict or crisis, soldiers receive essential items such as fresh clothing and hygiene kits, plus morale-boosting "extras" like leisure kits and snacks.

ASI Capital Projects

Building or refurbishing on-base facilities furnished with computers, multi-media equipment, internet access and comfortable seating, gives soldiers the educational and recreational resources they need to keep in touch, informed and inspired.

Wounded Soldiers

These spaces are often the main hub of the base, serving to create and strengthen ties between soldiers as they enjoy meals together.

ASI Capital Projects

These important on-base facilities provide professional care and services to soldiers who require emergent and ongoing medical attention and physical therapy.

ASI Capital Projects

TVs, PlayStations, game tables and lounge seating help create a laid back atmosphere for soldiers so they can enjoy some rest and recreation while on base.

Wounded Soldiers

Fully-equipped gym facilities offer soldiers the physical and mental benefits of a workout while on base.